It all starts with a clear plan

Before starting any project, don your Project Manager's hat and delve into the project constraints. While combing through the details, use your experience to foresee challenges and set up the developer with the right tools to solve them. Before breaking ground, make sure that everyone has accurate expectations of what features the final deliverable will have.

The languages we love

  • JS

    Node.js Angular Canvas

    Javascript in the right hands is elegant, quick, and powerful. Though the event-driven nature and atypical structure of the language can prove unweildy and frustrating for many, these characteristics are vital for it to meet the demands of today's businesses.

  • PHP

    LAMP Slim mPDF

    While PHP is not the most robust back-end language to use, its straightforward design and long list of built-in features makes it a fantastic script for most web applications. Use PHP to quickly assemble a secure and streamlined aplication server.