About LOF Services

We are a software development company established in April 2017 to serve businesses with well-designed software. Our office is located on the Square in Woodstock Illinois, a place you will recognize from the 1993 movie Groundhog Day.

Nate Selof - Owner

I am a full-stack developer with a passion for front-end technologies, a web application architect and UX designer, a project manager, a father and husband, a guitar player and karaoke rockstar, a handyman and A/V enthusiast, a grateful citizen, and most importantly a Christian man. I take pride in my work and in my legacy. Everyone shall be treated with love and respect, but let's not forget that the work has to get done.

Raised in an entrepreneurial family, I learned at a young age the importance of quality work and professional service. While working my way through college and then university, I always aimed to set the standard in excellence in customer service and was often recognized for it. After graduating, I brought that spirit to the family business. For four years I designed, developed, deployed, and supported dozens of web-based tools that businesses relied on every day.

Building great software for business is a true thrill of mine. I believe that business software should make employees feel powerful; like they can accomplish much more than they ever knew. The empathetic capacity I have for the client experience, combined with a solid understanding of business systems, allows me to create software that does just that.

Are you ready for your business be empowered?